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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

7's Series: December

Although for the past few months he has been absent from Heavy In The Streets, my boy 7 has been doing his thing. I'd like to congratulate him on receiving his Masters while studying in Australia and having a major gallery exhibition. It's been a great experience watching him grow as a photographer and artist and I'm happy to say he's going to continue submitting work for HITS readers to enjoy. Here is his last submission of 2008.

Happy New Year to 7 and everyone who has shown love since I started this blog.

Click on images to enlarge.

Info provided below each picture.

The Gabba. Paint Shop. Wollongabba, Queensland, Australia.

Mural. Unknown Artist. Sectioned mural in public walkway. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Kasino 2. Artist: Kasino. Back alley in central city. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Hype. Artist: Exit. Quick piece inside Graffic Beat Studio. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Green Demon. Unknown Artist. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Exit and Seiz. Artist: Rapid Fire Breakers (Co-Founders of Hype Magazine). Inside Graffic Beat Studio. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

7 Hills. Artist: 7. "Edge of the World" piece done in the rock hop. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

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