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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prince Paul Appreciation Weekd Day 7- Alone

Shouts to It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold This Sac for the image and download.

Download "Alone".

Buy Hip Hop Gold Dust by clicking here and download It Takes a Nation of Suckers to Let Us In by clicking here.

"This was a demonstration of the versatility of Resident Alien. We wanted to make a song that embodied spontaneity and a classic feel. Extra vocals were provided by Derrick Lovelace, who was just a guy "hanging around' the studio. He said he sang, so we put him to the test and he has been around from that point on."- Prince Paul

Monday, June 29, 2009

Prince Paul Appreciation Weekd Day 6- Bitties in the BK Lounge

Download "Bitties in the BK Lounge".

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"From the music, to the skits, to the bell sounds used to keep with the storybook theme, all the way to the weird Burger King fixation that you hear in a bunch of the songs, it was an incredibly challenging record."- Ethan Brown

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Prince Paul Appreciation Week: Day 5- If It Wasn't For You

Download "If It Wasn't For You" featuring De La Soul and Starchild Excalibur.

Buy White People by clicking here.

"It's a handsome thing, you wouldn't understand."- Nathaniel Merriweather (Album Liner Notes)

Prince Paul Appreciation Week: Day 4- You Made Me (A.K.C.)

Download "You Made Me (A.K.C.)".

Buy Psychoanalysis: What Is It? by clicking here.

"I will go on record as saying Psychoanalysis is easily in my top 5, maaaaybe top 10 most favorite prized albums of all time. It's flat out's really just impeccable."- 7L

Friday, June 26, 2009

Prince Paul Appreciation Week: Day 3- Flattery and I Want You (I'm an 80's man)

This post was a tough one. I wanted to keep the rule one track per post, but I love both of these tracks so much, I couldn't. Both are so musically sound and funny, I had to break my own rule. Please buy Itstrumental, you can find it for super cheap on Amazon and it's well worth your money.

Download "Flattery" featuring Steinski.

Download "I Want You (I'm an 80's Man)".

Buy Itstrumental by clicking here.

"If it wasn't for GOD, family, friends and fans, this bizarre record wouldn't have been possible."- Prince Paul

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Prince Paul Appreciation Week: Day 2- Defective Trip (Trippin')

Download "Defective Trip (Trippin') by The Gravediggaz featuring MC Serch and Biz Markie.

Buy 6 Feet Deep by clicking here.

"A lot of people still talk to me about that record today, they still have me autograph that one. It just took a long time for people to appreciate it. And I'm like 'Wow, where were y'all 10 years ago when I was in tears, trying to figure out why people hated me?'"- Prince Paul

Prince Paul Appreciation Week: Day 1- Beautifully Absurd

I'm working on a writing project about Prince Paul and I've accumulated mountains of interesting interviews, stories, and quotes. As a result of said research, I've been inspired to devote the next seven days of my life to sharing some great Paul tunes with you. The idea here is very simple. I'll post a song, a quote that is related to the album the song is taken from, a link showing where you can buy the full album, and a photo of Paul. Hopefully you'll enjoy his music and insight as much as I do.

Download "Beautifully Absurd"- featuring W. Ellington Felton with K'Alyn on Guitar.

Buy Politics of the Business by clicking here.

"Just remember the future of hip-hop is in your hands, watch what you support and don't support. Record sales are like votes, it all counts. Your purchases have the power to change the course of the music being made and sold. Either take action or stop complaining about what you hear on the radio and TV."- Prince Paul

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

DJ Neil Armstrong: Live At The Do Over

These days my email inbox consists of online banking updates, useless Facebook invites, and junk mail I don't give a crap about. Today I was pleasantly surprised to find an email blast from my boy DJ Neil Armstrong that contained a free live recording of Neil killing it at the LA Do Over party. You can download it for $0.00 by clicking here.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Manilla Ice Say That You're Gonna Be Scratchin' Horns

I was talking to my boy Marcus last night about music and found out that he recently put out a battle record with Manilla Ice. I hadn't heard the name Manilla Ice in a minute, but you used to hear about dude regularly when I posted on DJ Geometrix's message board back in the day. Remembering that he was nice on the cut, I decided to see if he had some stuff on YouTube. Low and behold, he does. Here is one of my favorite routines of his. Nothing super technical or overly complicated, but very musical and funky. This routine takes me back to pre YouTube college days of eating pizza in my friends dorm room, seeing routines like this, and trying like hell to get on the same level as the people I was watching. Good to see that you're still doing it Manilla!

7's Series: May 2009

Click On Images to Enlarge.

Information Provided Below Each Image.

Odius 1. Artist: Odius. Central Rivulet. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Odius 2. Artist: Odius. Inside Youth Ark. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Youth Ark. Various Artists. Bliss n' Eso Piece, Inside Youth Ark. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Frogger. Artist: Unknown. Underneath Overpass. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Wor-Town. Various Artists. Train Bombing Spot In Main South. Worcester, Massachusetts.

Weber. Artists: Weber, Olens. Commuter Train Line, Central City. Auckland, New Zealand.

Caotic NH. Artist: 7. Section of Painting on Reservoir Dam. Harrisville, New Hampshire.