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Thursday, April 30, 2009

7's Series: April 2009

As the weather continues to warm up, my dude 7 keeps supplying the international heat. Much respect on his recent selection of images. As usual, top notch stuff for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

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Information Provided Below Each Image.

Xi'an. Artist: 7. Rock Hop. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Wor Train. Unknown Artist. Train Yard. Worcester, Massachusetts.

Odius. Artist: Odius. Inside Youth Ark. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Jugglers. Unknown Artist. Jugglers Art Studio Courtyard. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

G-T. Artists: Greely, Toper. BBQ Burners, Sports Center. Clarence, Tasmania, Australia.

Clarence Sports. Various Artists. BBQ Burners, Sports Center. Clarence, Tasmania, Australia.

BBQ Burners 2. Sports Center. Clarence, Tasmania, Australia.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Jaycee

9th Wonder and Jaycee having a good time messing around with some music.

I recently posted one of my favorite Jaycee mixes and feel like posting some more free goodies from him. You can check out his frequently updated podomatic site by clicking here. All podcasts can be downloaded as MP3's. Enjoy, there's a lot of good stuff to sift through.

Chill Will

More mix tape madness. Here is a hard to find Chill Will tape that I have on my hard drive. I forgot where I got a rip of this from, but it's tight. Chill Will has some serious mix tape composition skills. While I'm not an expert on his catalog, I know he has many other essential tapes out there. After downloading this, make sure to hit up his MySpace, where he has some tapes for sale.

I also tracked down another Chill Will download at Tapemasta's mix tape blog. Tapemasta ain't fucking around. Even if you are only a casual appreciator of mix tape culture, you need to visit this blog. It's like an audio museum for mix tape heads.

To download Will's more recent collaboration with Doo Wop, Hip Hop Flashback Vol. 1, click here. Again, shout outs to Tapemasta for hooking people up with some impossible to find mix tape goodness.

Chill Will- Tape #5 Side A

Chill Will- Tape #5 Side B

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

DJ Geo Roc- Queens Get The Money

There is nothing, I mean nothing about DJ Geo Roc on the Internet. I'd love to give this guy his proper due, because I'm a huge fan of his tapes, but I have no bio info on him. If anyone knows anything about him, or, better yet, Geo Roc, if you see this, hit me up! I'd love to write something of substance to go with this tape.

Also make sure to grab Roc's other banger, To The Death Vol. 4: The Return by clicking here.

DJ Geo Roc - Queens Get The Money Side A


DJ Geo Roc - Queens Get The Money Side B


Timeless Material: The Lake Minnetonka Suite, Vol. 1

Jaycee is that dude. For those who don't know, homeboy is Luda's DJ. Beyond that, he makes some of the best mix tapes I own. He can mix anything and everything. Rock, rap, soul, random shit, R & B, and...Prince? Yeah, Prince. An entire tape of Prince, to be exact. Picture Prince being scratched, doubled up, and flipped in way that makes sense. The music never suffers and the mix is SEAMLESS, front to back.

How this didn't explode the block (and by block I mean Internet) when it dropped it beyond me. I feel like a dick for not pushing it more, especially considering how helpful Jay has been to me. He's gotten me backstage passes to shows, made a mix for one of my articles(which I'll be posting soon), and talked in depth about his classic Primo mix tape with me. Oh well, better late than never. Do yourself a favor and download Trust me, you'll be thanking me later.

Timeless Material: The Lake Minnetonka Suite, Vol. 1

For more on Jay, peep his MySpace.

Dirty Harry Tapes #1 and #2 Re-Up

You asked for it, you got it.

Two rare mix tape gems re-upped (the links died out a while ago) for your listening pleasure.

I'm in the process of fixing all the dead download links and adding some new downloads, so get ready.

Click here for Tape #1.

Here for Tape #2.

Take a moment to leave some feedback and spark some discussion about these joints.

Also, please show Harry some love by checking his MySpace. The man is a legend, pure and simple.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

7's Series: March 2009

Click On Images to Enlarge.

Information Provided Below Each Image.

Richmond 1. Various Artists. Public Mural Next to Richmond Station. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Pink House. Various Artists. Inside Abandoned Complex. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Ode to the Arctic (Part 1). Artist: 7. Underneath Royal Hobart Hospital. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Juggle. A Random Assortment. Garage Section of Jugglers Art Studio. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Four Twenty. Artists: Soffles and Crew. Side Wall in Jugglers Art Studio Courtyard. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Bakes. Artist: Bakes. Quick Piece in Progress, Inside Graffic Beats. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Bakery Mural. Artist: Unknown. Historic Mural. Sheffield, Tasmania, Australia.