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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Classic Dirty Harry: Tape #1

Dirty Harry- Tape #1 Side A

Dirty Harry- Tape #1 Side B

If you’re a mix tape head, you’re familiar with the name Dirty Harry. The man has consistently dropped top notch blend tapes for the past decade plus. While he does not drop with the same regularity of many other famous mix tape DJ’s, Harry’s emphasis has always been on quality over quantity.

His first ever mix tape is no exception. The tape starts out with a bang as Harry blends “Freak Like Me” and “It Ain’t Hard to Tell” over Group Home’s “Supa Star” and never lets up. To own this is to own a piece of mix tape history. Do your self a favor and download this classic debut from a true mix tape icon.

Many thanks to the one and only Tapemasta for making this available at Rap Mullet through the Pushin' Tapes section.

To get the skinny on Dirty Harry, check out his MySpace and website.


DJ SORCE-1 said...

Damn, almost 200 downloads and no comments???? Leave some love people. Let me know what you think of the mix/the site/whatever.

Anonymous said...

dirty harry don't drop as often as other djs been when he does he sets the bar..he blends multiple tracks movie clips and unexpected pop,and oldschool songs

a true master

Anonymous said...

Harry was ahead of his time(the mid 90s). A real clever disc jock he is! Love the blog, esp. the focus on the man on the wheels. Evrything is so MC oriented nowadays and its fukkin disgustin'. Thanx for keepin it funky!

Anonymous said...

hey does anyone know the beat that happens right when mary j blige starts singing on side a? BEEN WANTING TO KNOW SOOO BADD. it was on most of his mixtapes and damnnnn itz killin me

Anonymous said...