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Friday, October 31, 2008

Nate In '08 Interview with DJ Steve1der

Check out this cool interview I did a little while back with my homeboy DJ Steve1der over at the Smoking Section. We chopped it up and talked about his incredible new Nate Dogg mix tape. Read on by clicking here.

7's Series: October

My homie 7 continues to KILL it with these pictures and throw ups. He has the ability to find the visually appealing everywhere he goes, whether it's in some swanky place overseas or in the gulliest of cities like Worcester, MA. Show the man some love by dropping some comments.

To check out some of 7's past snapshots, click here.

Click on images to enlarge.

Info provided below each picture.

Worth Downtown. Artist: Worth. Small mural in central city. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Tide Gap. Artist: 7. Waterfront Docks, Submerged under High Tide. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Paddington Vert. Artist: Anonymous. Shane Cross R.I.P. Paddington Skate Park. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Mobile. Artist: Samson. Next to Paddington Skate Park. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

MLB Graph. Various Artists. Stencil Work in Richmond. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Evergreen. Artist: Unknown. Freight Train Yard. Worcester, Massachusetts.

Aotearoa. Artist: Askew. Back Alley. Auckland, New Zealand.