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Monday, August 9, 2010

Noz Tackles Lil' B

"Walk The World" Video

Lil' B is real hit or miss for me. If he's spitting over some Clams Casino beats, I'm a fan. If hes spitting like he does in the above video, I'm a fan. But some of his production/lyrics/songs are borderline un-listenable to me. Maybe I'm getting old and out of touch with where rap music is headed.

That being said, I respect the hell out of what B is doing for himself. He obviously has an insane work ethic, and whether YOU like his music or not, you have to admit that the man is willing to take risks. That's really refreshing to me. I'm OK with people making music that sounds terrible to me if I feel like they are trying to do something interesting. I get the vibe that when B misses the mark sonically, he was doing his best not to follow convention and be boring.

For a great read on Lil' B, his significance, and his recent success in NYC, check out Noz's outstanding piece about him over at CBRAP.