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Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Producer Alert

Heavy in the Streets readers...I need your help. I've recently been put on to two new tracks from producer Clams Casino by Noz over CBRAP. Ever since hearing both, I've been trolling the Internet for information about this guy. I hit up countless blogs and major sites alike without much success. There have been brief informative moments, but I can't even find a damned MySpace so far.

He did personally made a comment on this blog. In addition to his blog commenting, in this interview Sha Stimuli credits Clams for helping him make what he says is his "most honest CD", in reference to his Hotter Than July mix tape, which you can download here (shout outs to 2DopeBoyz). With the exception of some tracks with Sha Stimuli, I've found nothing else. Please post a comment if you have some info about Clams, because I've been bumping both of these tracks non stop this summer.

Download "I'm God" by Lil' B.

Download "Always Have A Choice" by Havoc.

Bonus: This is the same beat Havoc uses in the above song. It appears Sha Stimuli used it first for his Love Jones mix tape.

Download "I Tried" by Sha Stimuli.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you're right... his type of beats really appeal to me.. this dude is the best thing out right now