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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Man With a Van: A Look at Michael Ian Black's New Book

“Love is the most powerful word processor of all.”- Michael Ian Black

Michael Ian Black has played many roles in the world of entertainment. He has been an actor, screenwriter, director, and stand up comedian. Most recently he took on book writing, a most complex endeavor that involves lots of words and stuff. Find out more about the first time author’s new book, My Custom Van, by reading our interview below.

DJ Sorce-1: Explain the meaning of the title of your new book My Custom Van.

Michael Ian Black: My Custom Van is the title of one of my essays in the book. It's basically about awesomeness, which I like to think my book is about too. My rule of thumb is: the more awesomeness the better.

DJ Sorce-1: Is writing a book more difficult than writing a screenplay?

Michael Ian Black: They're both difficult. Writing is genuine pain in the ass. Sitting down and actually creating coherent sentences that fit together into paragraphs? Forget it. Very difficult. But it's like going to the gym. You may not love it while you're doing it, but you feel great afterwards.

DJ Sorce-1: Besides Andy Dick, who is your favorite celebrity to rag on?

Michael Ian Black: Whoever is acting like a fucking idiot at the time.

DJ Sorce-1: Do you listen to any music when you write, or are do you prefer working in silence?

Michael Ian Black: I sometimes put unobtrusive music on in the background, but I find that I can't really have anything too loud blaring at me when I'm trying to concentrate. I've tried listening to ball games, talk radio and other stuff, but it doesn't work. A little quiet background music, and that’s about it.

DJ Sorce-1: Where do you think this book will rank on the list of all time literary classics?

Michael Ian Black: #12.

DJ Sorce-1: I can't read. Will this book be available in MP3 format with you as the narrator?

Michael Ian Black: At the moment they have not asked me to do a book on tape, so I guess not. But if you like, you can come sit on my lap and I will read it to you.

DJ Sorce-1: Do you still love me?

Michael Ian Black: Of course I do. I love everybody.

Don't be a cheapskate. Buy this book. It can be purchased from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For a more in depth look at Michael, read my interview with him from last year.

Visit Michael's website by clicking here.

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