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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Since The Avalanches Left You

(Via Wikipedia)

Ever heard of The Avalanches?  They released the sample based masterpiece Since I Left You in 2000 and have yet to release a follow-up.  The album used an estimated 3,500 samples, many of which were sampled through an Akai S2000.  It is one of the most impressive sample based compositions ever created.  For fans of The Avalanches, I have three pieces of good news for you.

1) They are remixing a song on the Australian band Hunters & Collector's upcoming tribute album.  The album becomes available for pre-order from a variety of websites tomorrow.  

2) If you go to their website and register, you can download a ton of great mixes and unreleased material.

3) I found this fascinating interview/article about the making of Since I Left You on Sound on Sound (SOS).  The article gives an amazing amount of insight into the making of the album and the sampling process used by the group.  While some of the technical lingo is way over my head, all of the interesting tidbits and background info make for a great read.    

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