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Friday, August 9, 2013

M16 Annihilates The 5th Dimension's "Aquarius"

If you are a producer, I recommend that you subscribe to M16's YouTube page immediately.  Best know for the Playaz Circle track "Duffle Bag Boy" and Jeezy's "I Do", he shows amazing versatility in his videos by making beats on a variety of platforms.  I've written about my interest in iPad apps and their place in the production world in earlier posts, so I was excited to see several videos of M16 using the app Beatmaker 2.  When I previously wrote about the iMPC app, I was especially interested in how it allowed producers to use it in unconventional settings.  It appears that M16 is taking full advantage of the mobility of the iPad as there are several videos of him use Beatmaker 2 on the highway.    

The highlight of his YouTube page is the video that showcases him flipping the fuck out of "Aquarius" by 5th Dimension with FL Studio 10 and the Open Labs Miko (Timberland Edition) keyboard.  The video contains a wealth of information on sample chopping, adding drums, and using EQs to isolate baselines.  It also succeeds at showing how efficient M16's work flow is as he composes a rough draft of the easily and quickly.  Make sure to watch this if you want to be schooled on how to use a sample to create something completely different than the original song.  

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