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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

14KT- Nickel & Dimed

You've seen him before on Heavy In The Streets abusing the multi-track recording program Cool Edit and flipping the living hell out of D'Angelo's "Lady".  Now, after waiting all summer, I'm happy to report that I can finally celebrate the release of 14KT's mostly instrumental album Nickel & Dimed.  I bought it when I woke up this morning and I am happy to say it hasn't disappointed.

One of the album's highlights is the first track, "Five & Ten".  14KT airs out greedy "fans" who refuse to pay for music and rappers who ask for free beats and rap about having lots of money.  I'm sure his lyrics will resonate with many modern-day producers who are sick of not being compensated for their hard work or appreciated for their talent.  I am still getting familiar with 14KT’s catalog and know more of his production than rapping.  That said, he more than holds his own with verses like, "The spirit told me 'Pete, keep your eyes on the greater purpose.  Gotta use your craft to show the weight of what your worth is.'”  Well said.  I hope 14KT continues to hone his craft because he is one hell of a talent. 

Make sure to buy...yes buy Nickel & Dimed by clicking here.                                                                   

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