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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Count Bass D- Dwight Spitz: Deluxe Edition

Dwight Spitz (Deluxe Edition) cover art

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a 10th anniversary deluxe edition of Count Bass D's classic Dwight Spitz on his Bandcamp page.  Listening to these tracks for the first time in a long while brings back some great memories from my early college years.  If Dwight Spitz is new to you, make sure to check out August 25, 2001, Count's beautiful instrumental tribute to Aaliyah.  The emotional potency of the song is impressive.  This album is also notable for its flawlessly produced and unusually short songs, as well as several killer guest appearances from the likes of Edan and MF Doom.  While I love many projects Count Bass D has been a part of, this is without question some of his finest work. 

Make sure to purchase a copy by clicking here.     

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