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Friday, May 11, 2007

What Do New Kids on The Block, Hair Metal, and Southern Rap Have In Common?

In addition to my interest in journalism, I’m an aspiring DJ. During my freshmen year of college I became friends with two kids who had started their own record label, Grimeology Records. They also happened to DJ, going by the names DJ Hoodrich and Turkey P. By my junior year the three of us were performing at occasional on campus events together. Before long we were steady gigging up to three times a week under the name The Grimeology DJ’s.

In 2006 during our final semester of college we began a mix tape. Not coincidentally, we were going to name it HITS (Heavy In The Streets). The goal of our CD was to make a non-stop mix of really hype blends and remixes that would make people want to lose it. Anything grimey, intense, or energetic was fair game. To make a long story short, we never finished it. We were lazy sometimes, finals happened, and then we graduated. But despite never putting together a full release, we did record some pretty sick material.

One night while experimenting, we were going through my embarrassingly huge collection of 80’s vinyl. Seeing my Please Don’t Go Girl by New Kids on The Block record, I remembered the intro of the song having some cool 808ish drums. We decided to sample them and slow em down for that southern feel. Next came the task of finding a sample to layer over it. We’d been messing around with a guitar loop by hair metal giants Warrant from their song Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The first minute of this tune represents the peak of Warrant’s musical genius, and is actually really good. Leave it to three DJ’s to dig through piles of terrible music to find two usable samples.

Taking the loop from Warrant and the slowed down New Kids drums, we had created a nice sounding beat. Now all we needed to do was find some insane vocals. Enter Drama. His anthem Left, Right, Left was the perfect fit. High energy chanting that didn’t really make any sense. And so was born Drama Please Don’t Go Left at Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Download, share, and enjoy it compliments of The Grimeology DJ’s Hoodrich, Turkey P, and Sorce-1. Also check out the amusing videos to Please Don't Go Girl and Uncle Tom's Cabin. Sadly the only online video I found for Left, Right, Left has some weird auto play function so I'm not including it.

Download it by clicking here.

New Kids on the Block- Please Don't Go Girl

Warrant- Uncle Tom's Cabin

1 comment:

Mia said...

Oh, I love this blend! The NKOTB beat really brings me back to the days when you loved the New Kids so much!