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Friday, May 25, 2007

Things Done Changed

Life is funny. Sometimes doing something small leads to something much bigger and better. Like starting this blog. I did it because I was having trouble finding a job and felt like I needed something new in my life. And sure enough, as a result, some great things have happened. I’ve gotten some new interview possibilities, and best of all, a new writing position at The Smoking Section.

Since becoming part of The Smoking Section crew, things have been moving steady clip. I’ve been blessed enough to interview Skillz, Girl Talk, and DJ Neil Armstrong in a mere few weeks.

Check out the interviews I've done for The Smoking Section by clicking the links below.

Skillz Interview

Girl Talk Interview

DJ Neil Armstrong Interview

Enjoy. And please post feedback and leave comments on The Smoking Section website.


mouzzcz said...

Dear Gino,

Girl Talk is awesome.
And so is your blog. (hell yeah.)
five, seven, and five.

(That was a haiku.)


Luke said...


You're a mushroom cloud. Flat out. Actually, flat kind of at the top, kind of. You're the top of the mushroom cloud. No, the pillar part that blossoms. Yeah, the blossom of the mushroom cloud. And you're purple, which is ok. Because you're a mushroom! And a cloud! You're exploding on the internet. In the internet. Like Kool-Aid in water. Kool-Aid in the internet. My new mc name will be Masta Luke Flippa Fluke the Duke.

Holler flying saucer, the turtle tosser.