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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

DJ Enferno...The Live Remix Project

The first live DJ battle I went to was the 2003 DMC US Finals. Held in Washington, DC, hometown hero DJ Enferno of the Trooperz crew won the battle and advanced to the DMC World Finals. Although he did not win the DMC World title, I was impressed by Enferno and continued to keep tabs on him after the battle.

A little while back he started doing something called The Live Remix Project. Enferno uses 2 Turntables, 1 Rane TTM56 Mixer, 1 Pioneer EFX-500, 1 laptop running Serato Scratch Live, 1 laptop running Ableton Live software, as well soft-synths, 1 MicroKorg analog modeled synth, 2 M-Audio Trigger Finger drum pad controllers, 1 M-Audio 02 keyboard midi controller, 1 FCB1010 Footswitch, and 1 Eurorack Mixer to create “a musical symphony performed entirely in real-time.” The results are very interesting, and he is definitely pushing the envelope with this project.

The project is easier to understand once you see it, and is well worth checking out. This is more than a typical DJ set, it involves sequencing, sampling, and instrumentation all wrapped up in a neat little bundle. I’ve gone through the YouTube vaults and provided some of the key videos of Enferno performing The Live Remix Project. Check them out by playing the videos below. Also make sure to support Enferno by checking out his website, MySpace page, and The Live Remix Project website. DVD’s and CD’s of The Live Remix Project can be purchased from his MySpace page for $12.

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