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Monday, March 25, 2013


For a while I've been really inspired by these videos of Nick Tha 1da crushing it on a Roland SP-303.

In addition to being a huge fan of his beats, I'm interested in the SP-303 mode of production.  I owned one of these briefly and upgraded for an SP-555.  It was only after I made the upgrade that I learned about J Dilla and Madlib using the 303 to make some legendary music.  I was also surprised to find out that artists like Beck and Panda Bear used the 303 as well.

The more I dig, the more 303 goodness I uncover.  It seems there is a large community of people using this machine, that I once viewed as dated and limited, to make amazing music.  I want to start an interview series about the 303 here at HITS.  If you think this is a good idea or have artists you think I should reach out to, post a comment.  In the meantime, check out this mr. dibia$e SP-303 beat.

Thanks to Nick Tha 1da for putting me on to this.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see more on the Sp303... Like producer interviews (esp videos), tutorials, and videos. Keep it up.


DJ SORCE-1 said...

Word. I appreciate the feedback. The producer interview part looks like a go. Unfortunately, video interviews will probably not be happening, at least in the near future, due to money and time constraints.

Unknown said...

I think the idea is GRRREAT!!! I have an SP 303 myself and learning some features about that make it possible to be great tool to making tracks. I like that the machine is able to add effects to your samples and when sampling and creating tracks there is very little visual assistance, you mainly gotta use your ears. I think interviewing talented people that use the machine as a main tool would be interesting.

Unknown said...

I think that would be an awesome idea. I am learning the SP 303 as we speak, had for 8yrs but never really got into it since I got an MPC 2g xl soon after. I love the possibilities the machine offers, just wish it had velocity and a little more pads;))