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Saturday, March 23, 2013

DJ Zimmie - Footnotes Vol. 1

DJ Zimmie continues to put out some really nice mix tapes.  His most recent Footnotes series is perhaps his most ambitious project yet.  According to Zimmie, the series aims to be an "encyclopedic mix series of sample-based Hip-Hop by year. Mixes will be released chronologically, multiple editions per year when necessary, to educate listeners on the ingredients of Hip-Hop."  Essentially, Zimmie will guide listeners through various rap songs and their sample sources.  Footnotes Vol. 1 covers songs released between '79 and '81 and is already getting love from sites like ego trip.  Check out Zimmie's post about it on his website or hit the direct download link by clicking here.

For those that still check out HITS, you may remember that I was also a big fan of his summer mix tape You Gots to Grill Vol. 4.  You can find that mix, along with all of his other mix tapes, on his Soundcloud page.     

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