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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

We All Must Meet Our Moment Of Truth

Damn...what can I say about Guru's passing? To this day, Moment of Truth is one of the greatest rap albums I've ever listened to. I can still remember walking downtown to buy it with my friend John after a long day of school. We were in 8th grade and the record store that we bought it from, For The Record, no longer exists.

I have so many great memories of listening to Guru and Primo's masterpiece that it's tough to process them all at once. To get some insight on how much Moment of Truth means to me, you can read an old review of the album that I wrote for The Smoking Section. If you can get past some of the grammatical issues of the piece, I think it does a nice job of showing my love for the great music Guru and Premier made.

I will continue to share my thoughts about Guru's passing as well as his music, but for now, I'd like to share two songs off of Moment of Truth that seem fitting for today.

"Moment of Truth"


"In Memory Of"


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