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Saturday, April 10, 2010

BTABTM: Blogs That Are Better Than Mine

As of late, I can't get enough of the amazing Twankle & Glisten blog. Kid Slizzard and his seemingly endless slew of unheard of, slept-on, and forgotten rap tapes and CD's can keep me occupied for hours. The site is straight up addictive; I find myself browsing it now on the daily.

One of my favorite joints that I've discovered on T & G is a obscure bounce tape titled B for Bounce by Ricky B. There is a great reggae mix of one of the songs, complete with amazing mouth made horns to round out the production. Much like a lot of the other music on T & G, it kind of defies conventional description.

Check out the song below and be sure to add Twankle & Glisten to your list of regularly visited blogs.

Download the entire Ricky B tape by clicking here.

"Shake It (Nite Time Version)"


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