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Monday, April 19, 2010

Flea Market Findings

After getting a healthy dose of inspiration from Twankle & Glisten, I decided to hit up my local flea market this Sunday in search of some random and forgotten rap treats to share with the three people who read my blog. One of the most intriguing finds was Bankhead Courts by and artist named Skitzo.

After doing some research, I found that supplemental information on the man is rather scant. Since the release of this record on Platinum Atlanta Records, Skitzo has released one solo album, Wanted (which includes songs such as "If I Was Yo Celly" and "T.I. is a Hoe"), as well as a mix tape with his group Kulte Klick. Skitzo also made a cameo on Loose Screw's 1996 album Hell on Dry Land, which I've never heard, but gets some internet love from the blog scene.

I want to like this CD more than I do, but so far only one song has caused me to lean. The track "Mo' Money", which is produced by the albums main beatsmith, Richard "Big Daddy" Gray, has an amazingly minimalist/amateurish sound that is a perfect compliment to the R & B crooning used on the song's hook. While I'm loving this track, I have yet to find another post worthy song on the album.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed with the overall listen-ability of Bankhead Courts. In the end, I guess I have to keep some perspective on purchases such as this one. After leaving the flea market yesterday, my boy Al made the point that if you pay $1.50 for a CD and find one killer track on it, that alone makes it worth the purchase. I concur.

"Mo' Money"


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