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Sunday, March 1, 2009

His Turntables Might Wobble

I've always been a big fan of DJ Quest. He has a distinct style and I'll never forget my first time watching his performance on the Tableturns Anniversary VHS that I owned in high school. He put out an album in '01 that was a bit like a career retrospective.

It showcased various works from his years in the game and had a big influence on me as a young DJ.

My two favorite cuts were "Shout (Hip Hop Mix)" and "Way Back-N-Da Mix". "Shout (Hip Hop Mix)" featured Quest destroying a Tears for Fears classic over The Almighty RSO's "One In The Chamba".

When I was still in high school and under the delusion that I was going to become a famous battle DJ, I used to spend hours at my tables trying to emulate Quest's scratches. The thing that baffles me is that both songs were apparently recorded in the early 90's ('94 and '93 respectively). Talk about being ahead of your time.


Shout (Hip Hop Mix)- DJ Quest

"Way Back-N-Da Mix" is a good ol' fashioned mega-mix that Quest constructed with crew mate DJ Cue. It's got everything: rap standards, lessen known cuts, insane scratching; all blended together seamlessly. Remember, this was made looong before the laptop era of DJing. You can tell this track was a labor of love. Every single transition, blend, and scratch is perfectly executed, making for a lot of rewindable moments.


Way Back-N-Da Mix- DJ Quest

To buy the entire questside (untold tales) album, click here.

To buy or download Quest's Questolous album, click here.

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