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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Howard B. Knoxz in the Studio with His iMPC

I was thrilled to see Gadget of Scratch Magazine TV post another great iMPC video of Howard B. Knoxz recently.  I wrote about Howard's iMPC car video this past summer and requested he post a follow-up video showcasing more of his work with Akai's production app.  Here we see Howard showcasing several iMPC beats of his and highlighting some of the programming for beats like "Bodega Stories" (9:00 minute mark).  As he demonstrated in the above mentioned car video, one of the most attractive features of the iMPC is the portability.  The most significant upside to the various beat making apps out there is that simplifying the transportation of gear gives producers the ability to tap their creativity in any setting.  Howard explains around the 12:00 minute mark that you can use the iMPC, "In the bed, chillin' on the couch, parking lot...wherever".  Viewers trying to master the iMPC will be happy to see that in addition to highlighting the portability of the app, Howard demonstrates some of the sampling and chopping features around the 13:00 minute mark.

As a fan of many of the DMV producers, I'm excited to see Howard continue to grow as a producer.  It is clear he has a lot of talent and great ideas.  I look forward to hearing more from him as he continues to master the iMPC and his various other samplers and keyboards.  

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