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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Essential Jake One Videos

I love the variety of Jake One's production credits.  Check his catalog and you'll find tracks with with De La Soul, Evidence, G-Unit, Rick Ross, Scarface and countless other artists.  Jake's a versatile producer who isn't afraid to push boundaries and step outside of his comfort zone.  He also seems like a very approachable and humble dude, bringing refreshing honesty and openness to his video interviews.  I particularly like his Behind the Beat videos, where he has broken down Chance the Rapper's "Acid Rain", De La's "Rock Co.Kane Flow", Snoop and Wiz Khalifa's "French Inhale".  Using his weapon of choice (the ASR-10), Jake walks viewers through the process of each song from the initial samples to the actual construction of the beat.  Whether you are a aspiring producer looking to beef up your understanding of production techniques, or merely a fan of his work, all three videos are essential.  The "Acid Rain" track is a thing of beauty and I've had the Behind the Beat video of it running on repeat all day.  

While watching Behind the Beat, I stumbled upon a video of his appearance on the Do the Math podcast.  According to their iTunes podcast pageDo the Math is dedicated to "Telling Seattle stories...long form interviews with the creators, innovators and legends of our Seattle Hip-Hop community."  Their video with Jake One is exceptional, as they dig deep into various stages of his career.  He talks at length about how he was influenced by Seattle legends like Supreme La Rock and Vitamin D, his affiliation with Rhymesayers Entertainment, his Snare Jordan drum kit, and a variety of other topics that will get anyone reading this blog hype.  I learned a lot from watching this interview and look forward to watching future episodes of Do the Math and being further educated on the history of Seattle hip-hop.

To purchase Jake One's Snare Jordan kit, click here.
To read my 2008 Can You Dig It? interview with Surpreme La Rock, click here.


E Craig said...

Great Blog!! Keep spinnin' 'em.

DJ SORCE-1 said...

Thanks man, glad you like it. I'm hoping to add some new stuff this summer.