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Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Storybook Girl"- Jack Tradez

 Storybook Girl @jacktradez by DJ Rebelion
The Internet keeps reminding me how many talented people are out there that I still know nothing about.  The other day I got a tweet telling me to check out Jack Tradez and his song "Storybook Girl".  I had never heard of the artist or the song, but I've been trying to do a better job of checking out material from people I'm not familiar with.  Truth is, a lot of stuff I get sent from new/unfamiliar artists turns out to be really good.  I'm learning that if you get too jaded from a few people hitting you up with trash, you'll miss all of the good stuff.  That said, this song isn't just good, it's great.  How can you not love a very professional and polished looking black and white video, a soul sample beat, and nice lyrics to boot?  Check out the video and a free download of the track, compliments of DJ Rebelion.  

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