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Sunday, April 3, 2011

88 Keys Raw Dawg Blog

I'll be honest, I really don't like tumblr for the most part.  Call me an old salty hater, but I'm just not feeling the format.  I think it promotes a lot of lackluster, low effort blogging.  There are, however, some people who use the world of tumblr for good.  88 Keys, who is responsible for the Raw Dawg record cover blog, is one of those people.  Keys, who wakes up every morning and starts making beats before doing anything else, uses the blog to show us the cover of the record he listens to first every day.  The blog has a very intimate vibe and I can't get enough of the beautiful record covers.  For a cover art junkie like me, this blog is a dream come true.


pooriin said...

well, maybe because tumblr is more like a picture blog site. People in tumblr doesn't quite care about blogging. They care more on REBLOGGING cute pics and stuff and care less on looking blogs that is full of text. I am actually an account holder there before I discovered blogger. And believe me, I was shocked how people here use their blogging site.
Well, we could say I like blogger more than tumblr after I discovered it. Just felt that blogger people are better; they follow you because of how you think and not because of the stuff you reblog from other people.. Wew.. what a long reply. XD Have a good day~

Lizardmannnn said...

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