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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rockit Man- Zion I & The Grouch feat. Silk E (Official Music Video)

Whenever Zion I and The Grouch collabo, good things tend to happen.  This song is no exception.  And luckily for fans, "Rockit Man" is featured on a brand new full length titled Heroes in the Healing of a Nation.  I'm completely blown away by the beat and hook (both MC's also go in lyrically).  Props to them for crafting such an incredibly original song.

This song will help you defeat other people when they try to argue that:
a) Rap is dead
b) Nobody makes original records anymore
c) Blah blah blah


Kamran said...

really cool song.

Ben Horn said...

so dope that you can sniff it !

Jose Carlos said...