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Saturday, June 5, 2010

DJ Craze and DJ Klever- Scratch Nerds

Remember the days of scratch tapes? When people would gladly go to the ends of the universe for an ISP practice tape featuring 90 straight minutes of scratching over two electro beats. If you detect a hint of snark, it isn't unintentional, because I was one of the people I speak of, and it's easy to poke fun at my then-self now.

However, all snark aside, I do miss those days. There was some really good music being made then, and the whole "turntable as instrument" argument was so valid because turntablism evolved at a mind blowing rate for a solid decade plus. Of course I still view the turntable as an instrument, but there was something special about those years because every time heard a new composition made with tables, records, and a mixer, it seemed like the creators had done the unthinkable. Each new battle or scratch routine seemed to bring the art form to earth shattering new highs.

Happily, during my recent online perusing, I found Craze and Klever's (The Allies) Scratch Nerds. This tape is easier to digest than most scratch tapes without being watered down or short on skills. Craze and Klever were definitely ahead of there time, and the shit they are doing now is so complicated I can't believe I ever though it was possible to reach the same level of skill and showmanship.

Download this tape and take a musical journey down memory lane by clicking here.

Read Klever's back story on the tape by clicking here.

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ddanielson57 said...

Dude, your writing entertains me as always and educates me about rap music... I love the first paragraph of this one especially. Much love. dna