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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Big K.R.I.T. On Def Jam

The more I listen to K.R.I.T., the more I respect his craft. I honestly feel that he is one of the best rap artists out right now. You can quote that.

Although some people in the blogging community have been saying his beats are superior to his lyrics, I find him to be a compellingly honest and passionate lyricist. For evidence, check the track below off of his new, must have mix tape. I feel sorry for you if this isn't on your hard drive yet.

"Children of the World"


Big news broke yesterday as K.R.I.T. is now officially part of the Def Jam team. I hope this means success and not frustration for this extremely talented individual. The music game is insane right now, and the hip-hop community has seen Def Jam struggle with handling several major talents in recent years. Hopefully K.R.I.T.'s experience with the label is a positive one.

P.S.: Make sure to check out the great piece DX did on K.R.I.T. for DX Next.

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