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Monday, October 12, 2009

My Collaboration with Dust and Grooves

This past spring I had the honor of participating in an interview/photo shoot with my homeboy Eilon for his Dust & Grooves website. He took a bus from Brooklyn, NY to Deerfield, MA, where I lived up until a week ago. We crashed that night and got up early the next morning to head out to Worcester, MA to visit my dude DJ Shame.

Shame is the real deal. He has made a ton of incredible contributions to hip hop over the years, from his extremely sought after remix of G Rap's "Fast Life" song to his remix of Tim Dog's "Bronx Nigga". Shame also is the man responsible for Traveling Through Sampleland, which is considered by many the first all sample mix tape.

Going inside Shame's house is kind of like going inside your dream record shop. The man has everything. EVERYTHING. He had doubles of "My Mic is On Fire" by Lord Shafiq, and there are only 500 original pressings in existence! I had been looking for that record for damn near 10 years, and Shame just happened to be selling his double of it. Here is a picture of our transaction.

"My Mic is on Fire"- Lord Shafiq

Anyhow, I don't want to give anything else away, you'll have to read about the rest of our trip in the interview! Check it out by clicking here.

Bonus: Shame very nicely shared some goodies with me for people to enjoy. The following tracks are included below:

"Fast Life" (DJ Shame Remix) Original Sample

"Fast Life" (DJ Shame Remix)- Kool G Rap feat. Nas

"Brong Nigga" (DJ Shame Remix)- Tim Dog

These last two tracks are from Shame's unreleased mega mix that he talks about in our interview.

Big Daddy Kane and Rakim Blend

So Damn Tough Scratch Routine

Extra Bonus: Here is some crazy old school footage I found of Shame performing in Worcester on YouTube.


nes said...

nice, finally caught that Lord Shafiq..

verge said...

Good shit, man. Props.
The VA Remix of "Fast Life" was always my favorite.
Sadly I've never seen the white label vinyl for under $60.
And I've been wondering what he sampled for that for years.

Anonymous said...