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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Timeless Material: The Lake Minnetonka Suite, Vol. 1

Jaycee is that dude. For those who don't know, homeboy is Luda's DJ. Beyond that, he makes some of the best mix tapes I own. He can mix anything and everything. Rock, rap, soul, random shit, R & B, and...Prince? Yeah, Prince. An entire tape of Prince, to be exact. Picture Prince being scratched, doubled up, and flipped in way that makes sense. The music never suffers and the mix is SEAMLESS, front to back.

How this didn't explode the block (and by block I mean Internet) when it dropped it beyond me. I feel like a dick for not pushing it more, especially considering how helpful Jay has been to me. He's gotten me backstage passes to shows, made a mix for one of my articles(which I'll be posting soon), and talked in depth about his classic Primo mix tape with me. Oh well, better late than never. Do yourself a favor and download Trust me, you'll be thanking me later.

Timeless Material: The Lake Minnetonka Suite, Vol. 1

For more on Jay, peep his MySpace.

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