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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chill Will

More mix tape madness. Here is a hard to find Chill Will tape that I have on my hard drive. I forgot where I got a rip of this from, but it's tight. Chill Will has some serious mix tape composition skills. While I'm not an expert on his catalog, I know he has many other essential tapes out there. After downloading this, make sure to hit up his MySpace, where he has some tapes for sale.

I also tracked down another Chill Will download at Tapemasta's mix tape blog. Tapemasta ain't fucking around. Even if you are only a casual appreciator of mix tape culture, you need to visit this blog. It's like an audio museum for mix tape heads.

To download Will's more recent collaboration with Doo Wop, Hip Hop Flashback Vol. 1, click here. Again, shout outs to Tapemasta for hooking people up with some impossible to find mix tape goodness.

Chill Will- Tape #5 Side A

Chill Will- Tape #5 Side B

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Anonymous said...

shit looks ill