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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dust and Grooves

With the explosion of blogging over the past five years, I've always been surprised and saddened by the lack of consistent coverage given to digging. Eilon Paz must have felt the same way, because he launched one hell of blog for all the record lovers out there. Titled Dust and Grooves, the blog's presentation as a "photo documentary/portrait project about crate diggers around the world" has a refreshing and unique feel to it. I was happy to see one of the first interviewee's was a personal favorite and inspiration of mine, Cosmo Baker.

Here is my favorite of Eilon's photos of Cosmo.

To check out the post about Cosmo, click here.

As a side note, anyone who has participated in Can You Dig It? or checks out my blog and collects records should reach out to Eilon. Contact info can be found by following the links to his blog.

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