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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rest In Peace ODB

ODB Storms the 1998 Grammy's

ODB- Brooklyn Zoo

ODB- Shimmy Shimmy Ya

Busta Rhymes feat ODB- Woo Ha Remix

Tha Alkaholiks feat ODB- Hip Hop Drunkies

Mariah Carey feat ODB- Fantasy Remix
When ODB passed away three years ago, I bumped his music all night and took tequila shots. It was what he would have wanted. Dude was without question one of the wildest personalities in the history of rap music. What other rapper could make hardcore hip hop heads chant stuff like “Shimmy shimmy ya”? From storming the stage at the 1998 Grammy’s to being all types of fucked up on an early episode of Yo!, Dirt Dog was always an entertainer. In order to pay my respects to the one and only Big Baby Jesus, I’ve compiled some videos in honor of the anniversary of his death. Notice how he isn’t actually in the “Hip Hop Drunkies” video. I’m sure there is a great story explaining why he didn’t make the shoot.


Wu-Tang Forver

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