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Saturday, November 17, 2007

5 Essential Tim Dog Quotes

Tim Dog is a larger than life rap personality. Every time he opens his mouth, pure gold comes out. Over the years I’ve always been a fan of his insane ego as well as his reputation for saying whatever he wants to say. For those unfamiliar with The Dog, and those of you who know just what I’m talking about, I’ve handpicked five priceless verbal bombshells from over the years for your viewing pleasure.

1. “My moms used to tell me, “The cream always rises to the top.” I’m cream, motherfucker.”- ego trip Vol.2 No.5

2. “I can’t believe how dope I am. I’m the motherfuckin’ man!”- “Dog’s Gonna Getcha”

3. “I'm energetical, theoretical, copastetical, alphabetical, hypothetical
Yeah that is cool, no I'm not a fool
Takin' you to school, don't be late for school, fool
I'm fuckin' your girl while your ass in school
Fool, why bother drool, cause I'm too cool”- “I Get Wrecked”- Tim Dog and KRS-One

4. “To all the wack commercial rappers: wake up and smell the peanuts.”- Penicillin on Wax Liner Notes

5. “Give praise to god and respect your mom.”- Penicillin on Wax Liner Notes

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