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Monday, June 1, 2009

Manilla Ice Say That You're Gonna Be Scratchin' Horns

I was talking to my boy Marcus last night about music and found out that he recently put out a battle record with Manilla Ice. I hadn't heard the name Manilla Ice in a minute, but you used to hear about dude regularly when I posted on DJ Geometrix's message board back in the day. Remembering that he was nice on the cut, I decided to see if he had some stuff on YouTube. Low and behold, he does. Here is one of my favorite routines of his. Nothing super technical or overly complicated, but very musical and funky. This routine takes me back to pre YouTube college days of eating pizza in my friends dorm room, seeing routines like this, and trying like hell to get on the same level as the people I was watching. Good to see that you're still doing it Manilla!

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