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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why I Love Digging

Today I drove over to Springield, MA after I saw a craigslist posting for a record fair at Reflections Emporium. It was without a doubt a case of both time and money being well spent. I came up on some heat for really reasonable prices and got to chop it up with a bunch of good people.

First off, big shout out to James Lewis, who is the owner of this fine establishment. He's also a really friendly dude who holds it down in the local radio/promotions/concert scene. In addition to having strong roots in the area he also knows a lot of big time cats. Here is a picture of James with Consequence.

After meeting James for the first time, I bumped into local digger/DJ/record fair organizer DJ 12xu. He's heavy in the digging scene around my way and has organized some really nice record fairs of his own. He is in the process of starting a monthly at The Rendezvous which i will hopefully get to write about more in the near future.

Now onto the records. While I was digging through the stacks of one local seller I stumbled across this gem by Success N Effect. The cover has instantly made its way onto my all-time favorites list. Being one of those purchases made mostly for the cover, I was surprised to find out the music is also quality stuff.

Last but not least I found out that James is cool with former Skinny Boys DJ White Flash. I am definitely going to have to hit dude up for an edition of Can You Dig It?.

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