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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grand Central Winter

For those that don't know, i live in this small Western Massachusetts town. Although it is somewhat of a quiet, remote location, it's a really cool place to live. For one thing, it's incredibly beautiful. In addition to the natural beauty, there are tons of great used record and book stores and lots of live music just a stones throw away. In fact, there must be four or five really cool used book stores within a fifteen minute radius of my house.

It was at this local shop that I stumbled upon Grand Central Winter by Lee Stringer. Lee Stringer is a reformed drug addict who spent over a decade living on the streets of New York City. He was at one time both an editor and writer for Street News, a newspaper about life in the streets. Grand Central Winter is a collection of Stringer's life experiences during his years of drug addiction and homelessness. His unique perspective on issues of crime, poverty, and homelessness, coupled with his incredibly powerful delivery, make this essential winter reading. Make sure to pick up a copy of this book, you won't regret it.

You can buy your copy of Grand Central Winter by clicking here.

Find out more about Mr. Stringer by clicking here.

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