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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reconstructing Pizza At Primo’s With DJ Jaycee

DJ Jaycee (Luda's DJ and member of DJ Drama's crew the Aphilliates) makes some bangin' mix tapes. Dude is diverse too, dropping everything from a best of Michael Jackson to a best of DJ Premier. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a life long die hard Premier fan, so it goes without saying that his Primo tape has been in non stop rotation at my house. I'm happy to say that I got to do a Reconstruction for The Smoking Section with Jaycee about his Premier tape, Pizza at Primo's. To read the article, click here. To read Jaycee's reaction to the interview on his personal blog, click here.
To watch Jay cut up some Justin Timberlake, watch the video below.

To read my Reconstruction with Vinroc of the 5th Platoon DJ crew about his classic Recon-Struction mix tape, click here.

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