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Monday, March 17, 2008

Horrible People

I recently got an email from Gary Savelson, the Community Director over at My Damn Channel (the people behind Cookin' With Coolio) about their new show Horrible People. The show is co-produced by Heavy In The Streets favorite Joe Lo Truglio, who also plays the role of Billy.

Although I've only had the chance to watch one episode, so far I'm a fan.

With a cast that includes Kristen Schaal, Joe Lo Truglio, and A.D. Miles, it's kind of hard to go wrong.

Here is a description of the show from Gary himself...

We do the soap opera parody “Horrible People” featuring New York comedians Kristen Schaal (Flight of the Conchords), Joe Lo Truglio (The State, Superbad, he co-produces this series), Mather Zickel, and A.D. Miles (Wet Hot American Summer, Dog Bites Man, Comedy Central).

It’s very smart, alarming, dangerous comedy with chocolate addictions, a rogue brother, a greedy mother etc.

Please take a few minutes to watch Episode #6 and post some feedback.

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