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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Forgotten BBD Classics

Ok, so classic might be a really strong word to describe the songs I'm about to post, but there is something about Bell Biv Devoe's crappy Hootie Mack album that I've always liked. Maybe it's the fact that I bought it from a sketchy thrift store in Worcester, MA, and shortly after my purchase the owner skipped town with all his merchandise for reasons I can only imagine. Maybe it’s because the album is called Hootie Mack, one of the sweetest album titles of all time. Or maybe it’s because I really liked a lot of New Jack Swing, even though some of it was technically god awful. Who knows?

The important thing is that for a mediocre album, there are some bangers on here, and I’m going to post them for your enjoyment. The first one is the cut “Above The Rim”. This song was featured on the highlight video NBA Jam Session, and, in my humble opinion, has a dope, yet dated beat.

The second cut is “Something In Your Eyes”. This is an old school, baby making anthem that you throw on when your old lady’s coming over for the night and shits about to get freaky. It might make both of you laugh when you're having a "moment" because it's kind of corny, and then things could get akward. But that probably won't happen, so just download it. If nothing else both songs are a fun look back t a forgotten time in R & B music.

Above The Rim- Bell Biv Devoe
Something In Your Eyes- Bell Biv Devoe

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Anonymous said...

Please re-upload the BBD above the rim clip thanks. i love this clip.